Living with Lucie

I'll be releasing two digital guides in the home design space! Think of them as "The Free Version" and "The Extended Version." 😉

In The Free Version (which you can unlock with just your email address), I give you live shopping links to ALMOST EVERY product in our new home. No more scouring my Instagram stories and old posts for product links! From couches and accent chairs to rugs and lamps, this free guide has almost everything inside.

The Extended Version is where the magic comes in... ✨ This version will be SO incredibly useful for any new/future homeowners, or anyone who's currently renovating or redesigning a space. In this version, I go beyond the big-ticket furniture items and share ALL the nitty-gritty details (from our exact renovation costs to custom hardware to floor stains and more).

In the extended version, I use voice tips to guide you through our entire design process, sharing how I built custom mood boards for every room in our house, and letting you see screenshots of costs and receipts for various projects.

I have been working so hard to pull these together for you, and I can't wait to share them!